Monday, May 19, 2014


      It has been a crazy awesome year with this blog, and I am ending it with a script I wrote called Doctor Who. It is a fan made script that involves another episode with my personal favorite companion that never was, Sally Sparrow.
"The Doctor and The Sparrow." It is based off of the British Sci-fi series called
     If Sally Sparrow did get another episode in Doctor Who, I imagined it going down sort of like this.
     This is merely part 1 of 3. Originally I was going to post the whole script for everyone, but then I thought it would be cool to have this 3 part script come out in increments of 3 weeks, that way I can gage the audience's reaction, and then make adjustments to anything they aren't responding well to.
      I wish I had thought of this idea back in the beginning of May that way I could've had all three parts out by now, but I think this would be more beneficial for me as a creator responding as an audience member to one of my favorite TV shows.

You can read the script on my Tumblr Page .

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